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What is Lactosym Vet

Lactosym is a breakthrough multi-strain supplement that contains 4 unique strains of live activated bacteria that can survive the acidic environment of the stomach. These are: L. rhamnosus, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum. Our Unique Delivery System (UDS™) ensures live & active bacteria reach targeted areas of the gut. Unlike most of the freeze dried alternatives available, our bacteria are live and active from the moment they are swallowed. Every millilitre of Lactosym contains about 200 million live & active bacteria. This gives the bacteria a better chance of having a positive effect on the gut.

At our production site in Farnham, Surrey we pride ourselves on offering a high quality product that has generated many happy customers over the years. The production process is run to Full Food Standards. Each batch of Lactosym is independently tested by an external certified laboratory to ensure that the quality and purity of the product is constant.

Lactosym is made in a controlled environment through a series of carefully controlled stages. First we boil specially selected grain to create a wort. The wort is purified and sterilised and following this, the temperature is controlled in sterilised vats and the 4 strains of bacteria are carefully introduced. The live bacteria begin to divide and once the required levels are reached, the process is halted and Lactosym is ready for bottling once it's been tested by an independent laboratory. Throughout every stage, the bacteria are carefully nurtured as they are living organisms.